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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's My Birthday - What Was Planned

Chalky & I don't believe in working on our birthdays and usually have a lovely treat day...I'd suggested a plan of catching a ferry from Greenwich to Manly (via the Quay), lunch at Shelley Beach and then back to the Quay for a movie at the Dendy cinema, a drink at the Opera Bar and back home again. I thought this was the plan until Sunday night.

Let me start with the whole birthday preparation weekend - on Saturday I had an appointment to have my hair done at a new salon in Crows Nest, I had a facial booked at Clinque and didn't realise that the facial included having my make-up done as it was a full day of pampering and on Saturday night I was ready to hit the town, or Neutral Bay at least for Gareth & Mitch's housewarming party. I was hot to trot...Chalky was only awake for about 10 minutes before this picture was taken and he had planned to shave.

On Sunday we had a long lie in and then Chalk was off to watch the boys play football (his hamstring is still injured so he didn't play) while I met Marilyn for a quick catch up at Macro Cafe. Sunday night we had dinner plans with Mum, Dad, Travis & Dan at Mosman Hotel. They all arrived at our house (loaded with presents!) we collected Chalk from the Oaks and went for dinner.

Of course a Birthday is not a Birthday for me without cake so everyone came back to our place to have some champagne, cake & watch me open their presents.

Mum and Dad gave me a new suitcase, I just need to think of somewhere I'd like to travel and who I'd like to visit!?!? They filled it with some bathroom treats and candles and other stuff girls like. Trav & Dan got me a Bodum tea pot - after all those years in England I quite enjoy a good cup of tea these days and my friend Sophie has introduced me to some Marco Polo tea which is really fruity so I needed a teapot to brew it in properly. Dad made me a cutlery tray that we can use when we're entertaining outdoors, it has room for cutlery, salt & pepper, napkins, and other condiments, hand made it was a lovely surprise engineered to perfection.

We all had a lovely evening, it was while I was telling mum & dad what was planned for the next day that Chalky advised me that I wasn't doing what I was expecting...the restaurant that we'd been saving going to for a special occasion was closed in July for refurbishments and I wouldn't be partaking in any ferry trips...

Hmmm, I went to bed a little curious as to what he had planned, I had seen that the tickets for Billy Elliot went on sale on my birthday and so joked that he'd planned for us to queue to get the best tickets.

Let's see what the day brings...


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