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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Manly Food & Wine Festival and other Weekend activities

The lack of Saturday afternoon (Sat AM UK TIME) phone time to Joan can only mean one thing - not much football action to report about. Chalk played only 10mins in the second half and pulled his hamstring the team went on to lose 5-1, coincidence?

We celebrated Duncan's Birthday with a meal at Libertines in Kings Cross and then to Iguana Bar for some drinks and dancing. I left at this stage as I have developed Chalky's chesty cough that he's finally kicked. I greeted him home at 5am where I had to pay the balance of his taxi fare as he had no money left and then had to let him in the front door as the lock and key had become a mystery to him.

This weekend was the food and wine festival at Manly so we arranged to go with Sarah, Karl & Jayne (James was doing an exam). We surveyed the food stalls and all got something to eat and something to drink and then staked a claim on a beach spot and enjoyed the winter afternoon. Chalky came to life after his burger and 2 cans of coke, meanwhile we all kept tasting wine and our favourite was a merlot from Mudgee. The tasting was $5 per glass and your glass was fixed around your neck with the glass in a neoprene brace - very cool but also very dangerous because if you walked too quickly you were very quickly wearing that glass of wine.
Anyway - all that explaining would have been much easier had I remembered to take the camera so instead you will have to suffice with this generic photo of the scene from the website.

Hope you have all enjoyed your weekends, we've got a long weekend next weekend and Chalky's got 2 football games.


Blogger The Ginger Princess said...

Hey Bek,
Love the photo of Manly Festival - can I steal it please for my update (which is more bi-monthly rather than weekly...!).
See you tomorrow.
Yassas (Greek for Goodbye!)

10:31 pm  

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