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Saturday, April 07, 2007

75th Anniversary of the Harbour Bridge Opening

To celebrate 75 years of the Harbour Bridge, Sydney had another party! This time the bridge was closed to all traffic except foot traffic and trains. To ensure it all ran smoothly you booked your walk time and they estimated 250,000 people crossed the bridge that day. We invited mum and dad to walk with us and then we all went out for dinner afterwards.

It was great fun crossing the bridge, everyone got a free bright green hat to wear and there was lots of entertainment across the bridge, sound shows, music, funny planes flying towards us, lots of boats on the harbour and lots of people around.

We had dinner at the Oyster Bar (Joan will be familiar with this restaurant) this gave us a perfect view of the night time light show on the bridge. As we walked back to catch a train home we saw the night crossers coming off the bridge, now decked out in orange hats with little lights attached to the top of them - quite a sight and a great day!


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