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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Night

The good times continued at Anthony Road, Trav had set a beautiful table, Mum had cooked the traditional Oriental Pork that we all love, the lamb was roasting in the barbeque and Chalky was on the case with some Yorkshire Puddings.

Yorkshires Rising in the oven - they were beauties!

First things first - presents to exchange and presents to open. Santa was good to us all this year and we all got some lovely thoughtful gifts. Dad entertained us with never-ending 'Why did the chicken' jokes - most of which we just didn't get!

Dinner was delicious and as usual we all ate too much, after dinner we played Taboo - Dan & Trav were good first time players and ended up the winners, Mum and Dad were a little slower picking up the game but had a few good rounds although dad's tactics and clues would be contested on any other day of the year!

How quickly time passes, after some home made berry icecream served with fresh berries we made a call to England to hear how Isla was enjoying her first Christmas, just as our celebrations were ending you were all starting.
An exhausting day but one of the best Christmases we've shared. Chalky was particularly happy to not only tick off his list - "Christmas on the Beach'' but to have started a new precident for years to come.


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