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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Eve Chalky!

Chalky's birthday celebrations began early with a fish & chip treat tea on Thursday, he then met me for lunch at work on Friday and again another treat lunch (Oporto's Chicken!). Mum and dad came over for a BBQ & cake on Friday night. Chalky loved his present from mum & dad (so did I) it's a light for the barbeque so he can see while he's cooking our dinner!
I've been experimenting cooking Flourless Chocolate Cakes - made with eggs, Lindt chocolate and butter and it rises really well in the oven but once it gets out and cools it starts to sink and this is only the 2nd cake I've made and it was quite a disaster, but as they say looks aren't everything, once it had some icing sugar dusting, fresh raspberries and Joan's Happy Birthday candles she left with me I think it came off ok??? It tasted devine anyway!

Saturday activities were dominated by ROBBIE WILLIAMS in concert. Gareth & Marilyn joined us for a pre-concert barbeque (no light required). We had a few beers before the concert started and then headed for the oval for the show to begin. The concert was good but it can't compare to being at Knebworth for his concert with Joan & Les. I don't think Robbie had the same passion for the Sydney crowd as he did for a home crowd. The best thing was that we stayed until he'd sung Angels whereas at Knebworth Chalky had us running back to the car to get a quick get away. His last song was actually Kids and the rumour is that Kylie will join him in Melbourne for the concert! Bugger!

After the concert we headed to Paddington to have a few drinks, the first pub we stopped in was Irish and there were some scary characters in there...all very drunk and very fancy dressed! We only hung around for 1 drink before we headed further up Oxford Street to what was Kitty O'Shea's. By this time Sarah had joined us and Karl & Jayne weren't too far away either. We sung Happy Birthday at midnight and were home for around 2.30am when we called Joan & Isla and Kimbo for some birthday chats.


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