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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gigja In Sydney

Gigja has had 3 weeks in Australia mostly in Melbourne & Tasmania with an Au Pair she met in DC. With just 2 full days in Sydney the pressure was on to show her the best sights. We decided on Bondi Beach, of course including some of the walk so we parked the car at Bronte and walked along the coast to Bondi.

The water was a VERY chilly 17 degrees so Gigja and I didn't last very long. It was a really hot day so we dried off while brave Chalky stayed as long as he could in the water just so we felt like wimps!

Hunger meant it was time to leave the beach and so we headed up to Campbell Parade to find a suitable cafe to eat at - we found a place that had bed booths so we could all stretch out in comfort and relax while our hamburgers were being cooked!
The sun and all our partying on the weekend meant we were pretty exhausted the threat of a thunderstorm made it an easy decision to stay at home and so we had a bbq for dinner and just chilled. Gigja looked through my creative memories album of our trip in America and we all laughing remembering some of the fun we had.
We were both working on Tuesday so we directed Gigja to the train station and she did some shopping and explored Sydney. After work we headed into the city and shared a bottle of bubbly at Opera Bar with the harbour bridge our backdrop.

A ferry ride to Darling Harbour was next where we had some dinner at Bungalow 8 bar on King St Wharf.

Gigja has decided that next time she's in Sydney she'll be climbing the harbour bridge, she even gave us a quote in case we wanted to have an Au Pair when we have children!

It was a surprise to have Gigja in Sydney and really lovely to show her around, we're looking forward to when we're in Iceland for the Lobster Festival! Gigja have a safe trip back to Iceland via India and a really fantastic Christmas & New Year, give our love to Alla & Fiola!


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They say its a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it.


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