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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Chalky!

Well as you can imagine we weren't up early! Chalky had a few presents to open, both the Nellie's had been shopping for him - they are clever koala's getting him Chocolate Orange and Rochers. Chalky took early delivery of his presents from his mum when she was here on holiday, some new shirts casual and smart. He'll take a later delivery on presents from the rest of his family when Garth arrives on 28th December.

I bought him a new dart board with blades rather than the staples so I'm sure the competition will be quite tough in January when it's father vs son!

After a late brunch at a local cafe we met up with friends at Cabana Bar for drinks and birthday cheers. To redeem my sinking cake I made Chalky some chocolate muffins and re-used Joan's candles!

We finished the night at Sydney airport picking up Gigja, our friend from Iceland who we met while travelling in the USA last year. After all this celebrating I'm glad to have Monday off work!


Blogger Lesley said...

I guess the birthday celebrations will be drawing to a close now then eh?
Sorry we couldn't make the party but we were washing our hair that night! ha ha.
Hope you had a good one!
Your much younger looking sister!

8:52 am  

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