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Friday, December 15, 2006

Dinner With the Blackwell Family

This time last year they were 2, now they are 3 and lucky for us little Amy woke up for a feed before we left. She was asleep for the first time in her big cot tonight with one little arm out of the covers and a curl on the top of her head - she was so cute. Robbie & Nick's house looks very festive with the Christmas tree and lights on the balcony. As always we enjoyed a taste sensation dinner - lamb salad and having learned my lesson from last time (when I got a telling off from Chalky for bringing a bread dessert) I didn't buy dessert from Bakers Delight instead made a mars bar cheesecake.

A great evening topped off by Amy meeting the Nellies and showing us how she likes to dance on the table! Merry Christmas Robbie, Nicko & Amy and have a safe trip up to Queensland. Thanks also for our Christmas pressie - a pasta maker, we'll have you over for dinner next time...wonder what will be on the menu???


Anonymous Robbie and Nicko said...

And what a cheesecake! Merry Christmas Nellies, Bek & Chalky and we hope Margie's glazed pork loin is as sensational as ever. Love Robba, Amy and Nicko

10:38 pm  
Blogger Dr Travisty said...

Oh oh oh a Pasta Maker don't forget I have been to Italian Cooking class and am very well versed at making pasta!! Fun Fun

9:07 pm  

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