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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Morning

Most days it's a struggle to get Chalky up and out of bed, especially on days after he's had a few drinks at the pub with his mates, but not on Christmas Day - everyone gets up early don't they? Well they do when my mum phones up at 8.20am to start the good wishes! But really Chalky was up early to meet Mick Malone on the golf course to start his day with a quick 9 holes - for free since no pro's were up to take the course fees so Chalky was a very happy Yorkshireman on Christmas morning.

At around midday we met up with Karl & Jayne for Christmas Brunch on Balmoral Beach. We set up on the island at Balmoral looking at the beach, Bather's Pavillion (Joan's favourite restaurant in Sydney) and the water. We snacked (as you do) on smoked salmon, salad, bread rolls, cream cheese, freshly baked mixed berry muffins, fruit salad and drank fresh juice. Chalky & Karl did some swimming while Jayne & I chatted and relaxed in the sunshine. Of course we toasted the day with a glass of champagne, Chalk did the honours opening the champagne, it was a little too keen to be drunk because as soon as he'd removed the cage around the cork the cork flew out of the bottle right into his cheekbone, a good thing it didn't fly a little higher and take out his eye!
As they say, all good things must come to an end and it was time for us to continue our Christmas celebrations with Mum, Dad, Trav, Daniel & Rugby .

A fabulous start to Christmas so far!


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