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Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Dart Board - Pa Beware

Today has been a very steady day, nice lie in, an afternoon putting up the dart board and the early evening spent playing like a world champion. After peppering the treble 20 all afternoon, scoring a few 140's and several tons I notched my first 180 on my new board after about 2 hours play. All I can say is after a first day 180, watch out Pa, you could have as much success on Australian soil as the English cricket team, as I write, Panesar has just been hit for 24 off 1 over by Adam Gilchrist, 3 sixes, 1 four and 2 runs.

If any of you doubting Thomases don't believe all those darts are in the treble 20 look below.

Anyway this Blog isn't just about me, Bek says hello!!


Blogger Dr Travisty said...

Ashes, anyone?

8:54 pm  
Blogger Chalky said...

Bloody hell Trav I should have been wearing my protective box for that one, definately below the belt!!

10:57 am  

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