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Friday, January 26, 2007

Australia Day - Michael Malone becomes an Aussie!

It's Australia Day today and we celebrated by witnessing our friend Mick Malone become an Australian Citizen. We joined Michelle and her mum for the ceremony which was in a park in Lane Cove in the morning and afterwards we met up with Karen, Cammy & Frankie for a barbeque at Balls Head, North Sydney.
This is not usual practice for a newly 'naturalised' Aussie to have to be decked out in all Aussie gear it's just how Mick chose to celebrate. The boxers were a present from Michelle's mum Lyn and the t-shirt and hat were presents from Lane Cove council! He looks pretty patriotic though doesn't he!
It's been a great day and Chalky is still out celebrating with Mick and Cammy enjoying a few beers in the Oaks. It's been a really hot day so I'm going to finish this blog and goto bed. Off to the Lake tomorrow - can't wait for all that chilling time.This is all of us (less photographer Chalky!) at the end of the day, our picnic spot was in the bush and on the other side of Balls Head is this great view of the city!
Happy Birthday again to Kimbo!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was really great to see you all enjoying Mick's big day. God how I've missed those 'drinking in the sun days', although not sure my liver would handle it anymore! Looking forward to meeting up with you all in 2008! Shane & Gaynor x

10:01 am  

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