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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Garth's Golfing Holiday

Golf clubs played: Chatswood, Northbridge, Wakehurst, Cypress Lakes. Best of's as voted by Chalky - Best Round - Wakehurst, Best Putt - first 2 holes at Cypress (both 25 - 30ft), Best Hole - Birdy at Cypress, Best Buggy Driver - Bek.

Golf highlight for Chalky was single putting the first 3 holes at Cypress Lakes with these 3 putts totalling around 70ft together. However going for a golf lesson the day before cypress was like asking a mechanic to fine tune a BMW engine to find he's left all the parts on the floor and you to piece it back together.

This little critter was what Chalky and Garth thought was a crocodile on their fairway at Wakehurst!!! I couldn't wait to see the photo - of course it's only a lizard!

At dusk and dawn the roos are out at Cypress Lakes - for anyone who knows Chalky & his dad - they don't do dawn so we caught up with the roos at dusk, there were 2 mummy's with joeys in their pouches and one very big daddy. Lovely to watch them all in the afternoon sun.
So while the boys were golfing what was I upto - most days I was working but I did go away to Cypress Lakes with them where I was treated to 2 sessions in the Day Spa - a facial and a pedicure - very relaxing!


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