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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day - Fun with Karl & Jayne

Another 2 things crossed off the list - watching a Boxing Day Test (that was for Chalky as I've seen plenty of Boxing Day tests!) and seeing the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Karl & Jayne live in Manly and from their apartment we had great access to a local park where we could watch the boats heading out the heads. The harbour was filled with boats and looked quite a picture.
Back to their apartment where we played with Karl's new toy - a Wii from Nintendo, a few tennis challenges - quite entertaining - especially Bek's backhanded serve! Chalky's highlight being beating 3 boxing challengers in the first round. (what is a Wii - it's a controller for an electronic game where you make lifelike movements (serving, punching, backhands etc) in your loungeroom and the characters on the television move just like you!)

More friends arrived, new faces for us and lots of northern hemisphere accents, Jayne & Karl put on a great spread of salads, bread, potatoes, corn and a barbeque. With everyone's appetites fixed we headed down to the pool and the harbour to cool off. Their apartment block has the largest pool in Sydney that juts out into the sea, it's stunning to be swimming in a pool and to hear the crash of waves next to you and ferries passing by as well.
We all did some stunt diving with someone tossing up the ball for someone else to try to head or kick before they landed in the pool, the only problem was when you're heading a ball the end result is usually a belly flop into the water ... OUCH!

Chalky and Karl did a little snorkelling in the sea and quite quickly nearly 7 hours had passed. A fantastic Boxing Day. What did you all get up to????


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All looks good to me, Merry Christmas to all in England!

6:08 pm  

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