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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Garth's Holiday New Year and Races

Garth, Chalky's dad, arrived for his holiday on 28 December. He thought he was travelling with his golf clubs but they were on another flight due to arrive a 2 days behind him so that threw the itinerary into disarray from the start!

The new Sony digital SLR camera that Santa Garth bought himself for Christmas kept him entertained while he waited for the golf clubs to arrive. We tested the camera out on a little walk to Greenwich which was also a Candid Camera set up moment by us - there is a really powerful drinking fountain that we wanted catch Garth out on so Chalky grabbed the camera knowing that his dad would go for a drink...picture below!

Garth quickly settled into his new surroundings, had a Friday night session out around Crows Nest with the boys, Saturday night at my parents for a seafood extravaganza dinner and then his first round of golf on New Year's Eve before a barbeque with Dave, Coral, Arthur, Darryl and Neil - all visiting from the UK as well.

We all watched the 9pm fireworks together on TV and enjoyed some chocolate cake and champagne before the UK visitors headed into the city in search for a spot to watch the fireworks. We stayed at home and enjoyed a few more drinks before making a dash to Milson's Point on the train, catching the fireworks from under the Harbour Bridge on the North and then catching the first train back to Wollstonecraft to enjoy another few drinks before retiring.

New Years Day at the Ashes Pavilion at Randwick Races. Guests included Mike Gatting, Kerry O'Keefe, Bill Lawry & Jim Maxwell. We all had a great day, Chalky & I didn't really pick any winners (I think Garth picked a few!) we were entertained on the bus by some English singing...perhaps they were hopeful of a favourable result in the test match starting the next day....5-0 that's all I'll say!

Races - a great excuse to get dressed up (including hats!) drink champagne, eat meat pies???? and generally have a great day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi you two - great piccies. Have you got photo of us 3 girls at Races - it would be great to see that on blog! After seeing himself on Bondi beach David is going into serious training for when we come over Christmas 2010! Happy New Year to you both - look forward to seeing you in June.
Love Coral and David

10:01 pm  

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