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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Australian Institute of Sport

We were really looking forward to looking around the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), I think Chalky was considering doing some spying! But unfortunately we were a little disappointed. I guess we had set our expectations a little high when researching for our trip we actually thought we could stay at the institute as there is a section on their website titled "Stay at the AIS" however I learnt after phoning and asking that this is only offered to school groups, team trips or if you're having a conference there, so then I asked about the dining hall - where they do meals with colour coding to let you know how healthy / nutritional value of the meal but again this is only offered to school groups, team trips or if you're having a conference there etc.

So we got over that and were looking forward to the tour we were going to do...then we met our guide, you could see Chalky's face drop - we were being showed around by a WALKER! Some respect was restored when we discovered that our walker's 10k walking time is faster than Chalky's best 10k running time!

Anyway, we saw quite a few of the facilities but since it was early afternoon no athlete's were working out, they were mostly resting before starting again just after our tour finished...ho hum!

So going back in time, we did get up early and complete almost the full circuit of the lake. Today we didn't see any kangaroos but still saw lots of lovely parrots and cockatoos. All up we ended up riding just over 50km over the 2 days - not a bad effort and an absolute pleasure on racing bikes.

We had time for just one more Canberra sight and so chose Parliament House.

We enjoyed the tour and the view from the top of the building.

All in all a very relaxing and enjoyable few days and certainly somewhere we will visit again.


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