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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Canberra Trip

We had a mini break recently in Canberra - Australia's National Capital. Chalky had never been to Canberra and it's a great cycling city so what better way to test out the new bikes. We left Sydney on Anzac Day planning to be in Canberra in time for the fly over however we were running just a little bit behind schedule and so we ended up just hearing them!

Our first tourist stop was the War Memorial, really you could spend a few full days here seeing everything that's on display so we saw all we could that afternoon. We ventured into the city to an Irish Bar for dinner, Anzac Day is a public holiday in Australia and every city has a march for returned servicemen/women and it's a day of reflection for all those who have died fighting in wars. So many people choose to reflect in the pub after all the ceremonies are over so us heading into an Irish Bar after 7pm when most of the patrons had been there since lunchtime was perhaps not our smartest move. The bar served pints so Chalky did his best to try to catch up, he also told me that we were going to make some friends that night and get out of our comfort zone to talk to some strangers!

Well we certainly talked to strangers, or were they just strange people????

After a later start than we planned we rode around Lake Burley Griffin, this is around a 30km ride and we didn't quite make it the whole way round as we were distracted by the Australian Museum.

Canberra had all its autumnal colours on display and the weather was a little crisper than it is in Sydney, while we were riding we were reminded of so many of our rides in England. Parts of the ride were like Roundhay Park then when you get to a dam it reminds you of Eccup and of when we went riding in Windsor and then you see kangaroos in the grounds of Government House and remember that you're in Australia after all!

That night we enjoyed dinner at Canberra's revolving restaurant in Black Mountain Tower. The food was delicious and it was really relaxing, we also managed to not meet any strange(r) people!

We wanted to get an early night so that we could get up and do the full ride the next day before heading to the Australian Institute of Sport.


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