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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fireman Needed - Where's Andrew?

Why did we have a fire truck outside our apartment today?
Because a naught ginger (Oliver) cat had frightened a lovely black (nearly Stiggles) cat up a tree and it didn't look like the cat could safely come down!
The tricky part is due to our steep driveway, the cat was probably 15ft in the air so I phoned the local station and within 10 minutes we had 2 firemen to the rescue - only they weren't really bothered, they got out their ladder and managed to frighten the cat further up the tree! They gave it up as a bad job and suggested that instead we put a bowl of milk out - that would attract him down!
We could still hear him crying at 7pm but we've just got home and there is no sign of the cat and lots of bark around the bowl of milk so a happy ending after all! Although I am sure that a fireman of Andrews calibre would have rescued Stiggles!


Blogger AW said...

Yes, it was too much of a temptation, a fire truck and a cat stuck up a tree story, i had to respond.
I thought i had tought you better than that Bek, how many cat skeletons do you find up trees. Exactly.
Wasting valuable fire service time when we could have being cruising round the city centre checking out the talent, sorry, the local water supplies.
I do read your blog, i didnt have a password though, and my typing skills are so limited that it would really be quicker to comunicate telepathically.
Graham, have got a new laptop with a top quality chess game on it, not lost yet but it is on level 1.Speak to you soon AW

6:45 am  

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