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Monday, May 28, 2007

Football Branding - Body Art

Chalky is back in fine form this football season - Man of the Match 2 weeks ago with 2 goals (a very near hat-trick when one hit the cross bar) and another goal last week - Joan will know all about these goals since she gets the first match report before he heads up to The Oaks for post match analysis with the boys!

Anyway, in Saturday's game he was in the wall to stop a free kick and that's exactly what Chalky did - put his body in the line of fire and now he's got a tattoo of hexagons on his chest where the ball hit him. It's Monday night now and it's finally fading!

Now Shane you might be remembering what happens when Chalky takes a hit to the chest - all the other boys certainly like re-living the seal story. Needless to say there was no seal episode after he stopped the ball - apparently that must be saved for when I'm there watching - sympathy votes I guess.

Hope you've all had a good Bank Holiday weekend, it's been absolutely gorgeous here. We had a few drinks with some new friends in Balmain and quite a few of them were English, Yorkshire in fact so it's lovely to be able to know what and where everyone is talking about when they re-live Otley Road run and other stories. There is a common consensus among people I meet who have lived in Leeds - Casa Mia is their favourite place in Chapel Allerton!

We're also on a bit of a winning streak at the moment - I've won us tickets to a cinema night for World Environment Day next Monday, Chalky has put in a great entry to a Sony Socceroos competition so tonight over dinner we were dreaming what we'd spend $100,000 on (if we won it!)

PS - If anyone is reading this blog - feel free to leave us a comment!
PPS - Still having trouble uploading photos


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just back from our hols in Florida and see you have not stopped your relentless persuit of exciting and interesting social events! Shane laughed a lot at the 'seal' comments and says he will leave his own comments tomorrow, when he has thought up something equally funny! ... Gaynor and Co x

7:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments Gaynor - we knew we had an audience in you! Send us an email after you're settled and tell us about your jollys. We've got more pictures up now!
Bek x

8:39 pm  

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