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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Get Better Soon

This has been my worst winter for sickness - we started with Chalky having Bronchitis and then I got it and haven't quite been able to get rid of it, I've now picked up a sinus infection as well so...I've got a week signed off work to get better, lots of soup, garlic and some help from anti-biotics and I hope I'll be back in circulation next week.

To cheer me up my lovely boyfriend bought these home with him today....


Blogger Lesley said...

Sorry to hear you're not very well. Maybe you should come back to England don't remember you being that ill when you were here! Maybe the Aussie climate doesn't agree with you anymore!
Glad to see my baby brother is looking after you, nice flowers Chalk!
Enjoy your week off and put your feet up.

5:00 am  

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