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Monday, June 11, 2007

Long Weekend - Queen's Birthday

We're celebrating the Queen's Birthday this weekend and I guess to set the mood we got some English weather. It rained non-stop on Thursday and Friday and there was flash flooding in some areas of Sydney but worst hit was Newcastle where roads collapsed, a container boat ran aground on a beach and unfortunately some people died. So to save on road traffic we decided to not venture very far at all...we had planned to spend Sunday night at the Lake with Ben & Kylie enjoying a Sunday Dinner and a few games but we've postponed that activity.

Chalky was pleased with the rain only because it meant that he didn't miss the 2 football games to injury - instead they were washed out and everyone missed out on playing!
I bought some cakes to celebrate Kylie's birthday but since we didn't make it to their house we've been enjoying them while we watch films, read books and playing darts!

We watched the groovy movie on Foxtel - As Good as it Gets and also All the President's Men - an old one but a great movie about Watergate. I started as a force to be reckoned with in the darts but my form didn't continue and Chalky won - my victory for the weekend was on a bet about who was the close talker in a Seinfeld episode.

Enjoying Sunday dinner - Roast Beef complete with Yorkshires!

Tonight we're off to see Karl, Jayne, Sarah & James for a Greek night so that's going to be a great finish to our weekend and also it's finally stopped raining!


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