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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cooking - it's all Greek to me!

Sarah & Jayne put their newly acquired Greek cooking talents to the test by cooking us all a dinner on Monday night.

Some of the food we enjoyed

The food was delicious, James had even gone to the trouble of lighting a real fire for us all so the lounge was really cosy (if not a little smokey!) and when some Greek music came on we posed for a photo (cheesy!)

L to R: Chalky, Jayne, Bek, Sarah, James & Karl

The real fun started after dinner when we played Cranium. Chalky & I were Cranium virgins but quickly picked up the technique. We were the first to land on a green square and had to do a performance. It should have been fairly straight forward except all the people on the cards are Australian so not knowing who they were, why they were famous, what they sounded like, what they did or looked like made for lots of laughs!

It took us quite a while to move off that green square, meanwhile Sarah & James' competitiveness shone through, the photo below was after James gave up trying to describe see-saw to Sarah (who was trying to think of pogo stick) or was it when he was blind drawing a can of worms???

Karls top performance was captured on video (I'll try to post it later) when he had to get Jayne to say Cold Chisel (an Aussie band).

Since it was a school night and we weren't making the fastest progress around the board we declared one card the winner and the team who guessed it won. Well we pulled it off, you may look at this clue and wonder how I knew Chalk was blind drawing cupid but I did! So Jayne & Karl were ahead on the board and claimed moral victory Chalk & I enjoyed our win and James was just relieved that the games were over.

Sarah finished the night spoiling us all with brownies, ice-cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce. Divine!


Anonymous Aly said...

Hello to you both, sounds like a cracking evening and glad to hear that James and Sarah losing did not spoil the evening. Aly x

3:54 am  
Anonymous Ma said...

nice to catch up with your blog,really good to see what you have been up to. Not bad but not as good as mine.....Good job i am not in hitting distance! Still the same, very competitive and lots of food, as Arnie says, "I'll be back"
Love to you both. Joannie xxxxx

4:37 am  

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