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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ship to Shore

We headed up to Lake Macquarie for the weekend to visit Ben & Kylie and to see the top tourist attraction in Newcastle - the ship that went off course and ended up on Nobby's Beach.

A quiet Saturday night in with Kylie, (Ben was working - due back at 10pm) we enjoyed a risotto Kylie cooked and had a glass of wine to be polite. The idea was that by going to the Lake we wouldn't be tempted to go out partying and drinking and we'd come back feeling really relaxed and healthy. Unfortunately a few Pure Blondes put an end to Chalky's best laid plans...Ben came home and wasn't at all tired and was keen to chat and enjoy a few beers with Chalky...we ended up going to bed at 2.30am! Not much different to staying in Sydney!

Ben & Kylie are now home-owners of the lake and they have put their stamp on the house giving it a lick of paint. It was lovely to have the fire roaring in the lounge room.

Sunday we headed to Nobby's Beach to check out the boat that ran aground after the recent storms, rain and flooding in Newcastle, so did lots of other people...the traffic was a nightmare and we had planned to see Kylies football match at 3pm but we didn't make it back in time. Even though we have seen the ship on the news you really don't appreciate it until you're there. I hope the photos give you perspective.

Grounded on Nobby's Beach

Where the ships should be...

And when I asked for the rain to go away in the last post I didn't wish for it to head to Yorkshire we've been following all the flooding in Leeds, Sheffield etc - hope you're all okay. When we were driving through Newcastle you could see where the water had been in their recent floods, we got a picture of this tree that had been uprooted - Mother Nature is a powerful woman!


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