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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Andrew

Inspired after watching another episode of Grand Designs we logged onto the website hungry for the inside track and saw that there is a Grand Designs magazine that you can subscribe to. Figuring as Montague Crescent will be getting too small for the growing Williams clan and Andrew is probably dreaming of building is own tree house in the sky we'd give him a head start and so now he can expect his fill of Grand Designs for the next year with his subscription being delivered from July.
There is one catch with this present - you need to keep all the back issues for Bek to catch up on when we visit!

Bek is starting to feel better, to celebrate we're going to have a little midnight feast that any 10 year old would be jealous of given that Bek spent $20 and I spent $35! The weigh in isn't going to be kind tomorrow!


Anonymous Andrew said...

Wow, what a surprise. Thats brilliant. Listen, i do a bit of diy here and there, please don't make me do any more complicated stuff.
If i do rebuild something, can i walk round and say "its a triumph".
Cann't wait for the first issue and i will defo hang on to all the mags for Graham, sorry, Bek.
Speak to you both soon, just off to knock down a dividing wall and put underfloor heating in the garage. Thanks again, Andrew.

7:03 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...what I want to know is, does the magazine give you some good tips on how to leave one job unfinished in every single room of your house? Because, if that is the case, Shane has been receiving his monthly subscription, in a plain brown envelope for months now. Oh no, I am going to regret this posting... Anon!

8:14 am  

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