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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Well what's the lesson? Shall we have a drought on blog entries and then just do a text one - we get more comments that way. So this week has been full on - we've been to the opening of the new Great Southern Oceans display at Taronga Zoo. We saw a seal show, had a bbq dinner and some animal encounters while we were eating. Link to the new exhibit: we'll take you when you come and visit as my work have sponsored the display and I now have access to gold passes to the zoo! We got to see some of the animals on the way to the exhibit. Pictures and videos below.

Then on Friday we had tickets to see Graham Murphy's Swan Lake Ballet at the Opera House. We had dinner in a new bar inside Luna Park called Deck. The view of course was awesome and we were just a short ferry ride over to the Opera House. As this was Chalk's first ballet I went with the cheap seats - and they were partial view, after the first Act the woman who was sat next to us didn't come back so we slid along and had a better view. The Ballet was awesome, such a great setting and of course Chalk managed to be front of the line to get us a champagne or white wine in the breaks! Chalk was also in fine form with his clapping and is laying claim to be the 'principal clap starter' on most occasions, I'll also award him with principal whistler too! The culture didn't finish on Friday night - I was off to Billy Elliot on Saturday night with a few girlfriends, we met for Tapas first with some great Sangria and then went to the show. Of course I've already seen Billy before and it was just as good the 2nd time around. I'd had a tip off from Simon that the cast all goto The Chamberlain after the show for a quick I was on the look out. I chatted to Mrs Wilkinson and Billy's older brother - they were so pumped after the show but still had time to chat which was awesome.

The rest of the weekend was dominated by football, Chalky played on Saturday, managed on Sunday (his 2 girls teams), and I played my first football game. The North Sydney girls are awesome - Div 4 won 3-1, Div 3 won 7-1, Div 2 won 5-0, Div 1 won 8-0. I really enjoyed my match, despite the fact that we had a thunderstorm during the match...lightening and thunder and lots of rain, at least it wasn't cold. Then our poor linesman collapsed and needed medical assistance.

And of course the 13th April is mum's birthday, we celebrated with breakfast at Trav & Dan's new apartment, it was lovely to all catch up. Kylie is really pregnant now and it was great to see both her and Ben. Happy Birthday Mum - enjoy Billy Elliot (Chalk & I got mum 2 tickets to Billy for her birthday she'll be off there next Wednesday 23rd April.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No - we definitely like the pictures! Keep them coming. Very impressed with the Swan Lake tickets- you are such a cultured couple. Was the attraction anything to do with the tight lurex leotards Chalky?

We have tickets for 'Lazy Town' Live @ Bradford Alhambra tomorrow - top that! (childrens tv show for those without sprogs!) Gaynor x

8:38 am  

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