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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Skype Crazy...Isla comes to life

Step 1 was to get Joan confident with using a computer - this started on her holiday here in 2006 when she kept her own blog.
Step 2 was to get Joan to buy a laptop so we could email her and she could follow our blog
Step 3 was to get Les & Andy to get a laptop so they could do the same
Step 4 was to get everyone using Skype so that we could talk for free and video call as well

It's all happenning!

Here's a shot we grabbed from one of the recent calls,

Isla knows who we are and blows us kisses, tries to kiss us on the screen, brush our hair and give us a hug! She also entertains us with making a cup of tea, giving us a hat parade and even once throwing a paddy!

Joan has also been making full use of all her digital technologies as for Isla she's been practicing how to put on make-up when she gets older.

This morning we had a conference call with Les & Joan. Who would have thought it would all catch on?

As you would expect Gadget Garth has been on Skype for quite a while, the downside to that is when we catch him in his boxer shorts having a nightcap chatting with us!

Chalky says that now everyone's on Skype and we can talk for free all the time all that everyone else has to do is become a bit more intersesting so they've actually got something to say!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are spreading the gospel of Skype far and wide and find ourselves on it to someone most nights!
Everytime we get the computer out Isla says "Chalky, Bek" so you have made an impression!
Didn't realise you were taking sneaky pictures jsut as well didn't catch me in my jim jams!


6:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not so sure I was in my boxers but if you can produce the evidence then I will concede. As for the night cap you may well find that it was water as it has been for the last week and a half, my regular trips to the toilet thru the night will confirm.

Very impressed with the culinary skills but the sheet of lasagne didn't look any different for the extra rolling. Looks like I've got something else to buy in order to maintain my image.

Skype to you soon

G xx

10:27 am  

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