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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas & Boxing Days

As you do on Christmas morning we got up and enjoyed some smoked salmon & cream cheese and then played golf (9 holes) at Lane Cove after opening 1 or 2 presents each...snorkels & masks and new golf shirts! I was a little uneasy about being on the golf course, not paying for the round and frightened that someone was going to come out and tell us to bugger off but of course that didn't happen - there were a few other punters having a round and it was very relaxed and enjoyable. The first 2 holes Chalk was on fire and playing some great golf - I wasn't but maybe I was tired from the 18 holes I played the day before with dad!
After golf we came home for more present opening and some croissants for breakfast before packing up a picnic to take to Balmoral Beach to meet Sarah & James. We shared a bottle of Champagne and an hour on the beach, it wasn't the hottest Christmas Day (good since mum was doing a hot dinner for Chalky) but Chalk still got in the sea and enjoyed using his new snorkel and mask - it seems the fish were off for Christmas as well and he only saw 1 big fish. Our next stop was at Mum & Dad's for more present opening and the full Christmas Dinner complete with mum's extra special Oriental Loin of Pork, some greek lamb and roast veggies! Trav had set a lovely table (sorry no pictures available they are all on Trav's camera) and had waited all day for us to arrive before opening any presents - such will power! You had better watch out when you come and visit as Chalk & I now have matching white elasticised towels with a velcro catch to wear after our showers! You'll all be jealous! After dinner a few of Trav's friends called over before they all headed out to a party leaving mum, dad, Chalk & I to battle it out in scrabble, no battle really I kicked all their butts. By this stage it was around 9pm so we started to try to call The Williams Family to wish everyone there a Merry Santa day but couldn't get through, we went home and finally got to speak to everyone about an hour and a half later!It was a great Christmas Day - thanks to Garth for the flowers, Joan for all her lovely gifts, mum, dad and Trav for their gifts too - we were spoiled!

Boxing Day was our traditional outing to the Randwick Races, the day was blazing in sunshine! We met up with a few friends, a few of us managing to get an upgrade to members - thanks Gareth and it was a very enjoyable day!

So what are you all up to for NYE? We'll be somewhere near this!


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