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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Crocodile Hunting

On our taxi ride from the airport to Airlie Beach we were lucky enough to have a local on board and we asked for his recommendation for what else to do while we were on holiday - he suggested the ECO Friendly Crocodile Safari on the Proserpine River so we swapped our swimming costumes for camouflage and headed west.The trip included a ride in a boat up and down the river spotting crocs, we were the last onto the boat and strangely enough the front seats were still free so we took our perch and Chalky got his binoculars out (such a well used leaving present) and off we set.

The guides were very knowledgeable and these were wild animals we were seeing, as the weather was just starting to warm up there was a very good chance that the crocs would be out on the banks absorbing some sun, we were not let down, we saw about 8 crocodiles and other bird life along the river. Luckily!?! none of the crocs were hungry so we didn't see any chomping action - much to my disappointment.

We did get into the chomping action when we returned to camp as there was quite a bbq feast for us to enjoy! This was possibly the best meal we'd had all week. After lunch we headed out on a tractor train to spot some of the other wildlife in the mangroves - this time were were really trying to spot for snakes, along the way the guide gave us a lesson in Australian Bush including how you can use the leaves from one tree to work up a soapy lather to clean yourself like the Aborigines and how to get water from a paperbark tree.

We didn't spot any snakes but we did see some wallabies, brolgas and other birds.

We returned to the camp and some freshly made Damper & Bush Tea was available for us to enjoy - this video shows the guide stirring the tea for us!

This was the end of our holiday, we spent the last few hours by the Lagoon having a swim before our flight home. The holiday was fantastic, we loved swimming with the fish, chilling out and getting out of Sydney - I am sure we'll be seeing more of the Queensland coast line over the years!

There seems to be a new holiday trend that no one had told us about - it's Theme Dressing on our day out to the reef we saw and snapped it and on this trip there was another Theme dresser, we didn't manage a snap of this guy, I am sure we could have asked him and he would have happily posed but we were just too frightened - we don't need a new best friend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you sure the fella in the dodgy outfit isn't grandad. It sure is an uncanny resemblance.
Glad you enjoyed the holiday, but who wouldn't have, it seemed spectacular,
Les, Andrew, Isla and Nell.

4:52 am  

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