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Monday, September 03, 2007

Sunday Bike Ride to Manly

Manly Beach

Something that we thought would just be a dream turned into a reality on Sunday - we rode our bikes to Manly. For those of you who don't know the geography of Sydney from where we live we had quite a descent down to the Spit Bridge before a big climb up through Seaforth before again descending down to sea level at Manly and then of course we had to get home again!

We had the bikes serviced last week so they were in top shape and we set off around 1pm, Chalky carrying the backpack with swimming trunks and towels packed.

Looking down from Dobroyd Head Manly Wharf side

We made it to Manly - the views along the way were stunning and we were both pleased with our effort climbing up through Seaforth. We had the same agenda as almost a year ago when Chalky & his mum headed to Manly - food first! We enjoyed a sandwich before heading back to the beach, by this time most of the heat had gone from the day and so we didn't get wet, we just enjoyed stretching out on the sand visualising the ride home, both not wanting to express our doubts and fears about what lay ahead and how challenging it might be.

Chalky stretching out after the ride

In all honesty the ride home was not as tough as we had thought, we covered 40km, 25 miles for the day and both deserved the barbeque meal we went to Mum & Dads for afterwards.

We're now looking forward to even warmer weather and our next trip to Manly that will include a swim!

Goto Boxing Day - Fun with Karl & Jayne for shots of us swimming in the pool.


Anonymous lesley said...

25 miles, are you mad! don't think i'll be comimg on a bike ride with you two it would finish me off!
Sounds like a lovely day though, no boring sundays in your house eh!

Lesley xx

4:40 am  

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