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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Isla's been 'round the globe!

My recent posts don't seem to have generated too many comments but I have a feeling somewhere, someone will comment to this post! For those of you who haven't met our little niece (we actually haven't met her (and we regularly get reminded!) but that's only due to the fact that we live on the other side of the world) this is Isla Jane who turned 1 in April. She's about to become a big sister and everyone we talk to tells us how special and cute she is - we don't argue with that.

We do get to talk to her although none of what she says makes much sense, she made her Uncle's weekend recently when she apparently said his name while looking at a photo of him!

Anyway, here she is playing at her Nana's house with the globe we bought her for her birthday, it has the potential to drive people mad as it sings tunes but we loved it as she might understand where we live compared to where she lives! We would have preferred if the animal for Australia was a koala rather than a kangaroo, while koala's are SO much cuter - just check out Nellie below! Kangaroos are slightly more active so it sends out the right message to say "I'm a kangaroo, I bounce" rather than "I'm a koala, I sleep!"


Anonymous Lesley said...

Go on then I'll leave a comment! See Isla does play with her globe, she tends to press the same button over and over which gets a bit repetitive! She is at Helens as I type this and the globe is with her. Can't wait to show her down under for real!
I haven't seen these pictures so Kim if your reading this get them emailed over! I don't have your email address!
Good to see that your keeping up to date with us all in the UK, sorry not too much news from us but really busy preparing for the new arrival, not long now.......


7:05 pm  

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