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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's Been My Birthday

There are 2 posts for my birthday, scroll down so that you read the one titled:

It's My Birthday - What Was Planned

Before you read:

It's My Birthday - What We Did

Hope you enjoy reading about my Birthday as much as I enjoyed living it!

Thanks for all your cards, texts, phonecalls, messages and presents - in a year that I didn't really advertise my birthday I've been a very lucky girl ...Love to you all. xxxxx


Anonymous Kimbo said...

Bek, haven't seen any photos of you for a while, you look sensational. Glad you managed to have a great birthday packed with treats, despite the bruising! Word of advice - never get on any animal that has spots similar to a dalmation! They're bound to be crazy!! enjoy the rest of your birthday week, take care and lots of love Blondie xx

2:41 am  
Anonymous Lesley said...

Hey Bek
Glad you enjoyed your birthday sounds like a full day. Sorry the horse was naughty, I do sympathise as that happened to me when we went horse riding, I didn't fall off though thank goodness cos it was abig horse!
Hope the sailing turns out to be safer and you have a good time.
Will update our blog as soon as we go anywhere of interest! It just won't stop raining.
Enjoy your weekend and catch you later.

Lesley, Andrew, Isla & Wriggler!

6:40 am  

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