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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just when you thought it was all's still my birthday!

Never one to be satisfied with just one day of celebrations my birthday has stretched out to the weekend, on Friday night a few of the girls (Adele, Karen, Marilyn, Sarah & I - apologies from Jayne, Robyn & Sue) got together to enjoy dinner and a movie at Govindas Adventures on the way in there when I tried to drive the wrong way up a one way street! We all met at Darlo bar for a quick drink before heading to dinner, you can't ever have a bad meal at Govindas, their signature lentil shepherds pie was missing but in it's place was a delicious potato dish that I went back for seconds on!

We watched Paris, Je t'aime, well some of us watched, some of us caught up on sleep after a hectic week. While I am very well known for falling asleep anywhere I managed to stay awake, for Sarah & Marilyn the combination of shoes off, warm room, full stomachs was just too much, they were in the land of nod quickly... ;-) It was lovely to all catch up, Sarah spoiled me with some scrapbooking supplies (she knows me so well!)
Generic govinda's photo for those who haven't been there - you'll understand why it's easy to fall asleep!

Saturday morning Dad and I tackled Heartbreak Hill, part of the City To Surf route that we're hoping to walk on 12/8/07 - Dad's 72nd birthay, the first time he's done the event and a goal he's had since his heart attack in January. I had no doubt he'd kill the hill and I wasn't wrong, here's the view from the top, and Dad hadn't even broken a sweat! We'll get the doctor's okay on 10th August if Dad's blood pressure isn't too low we'll be off walking!

Saturday night was a girls night in at Sophie's flat on the central coast, Karen, Marilyn & I left Sydney at around 3.30pm and got to Sophie's an hour later (the drive up there was my chance to catch some zzzz's!) We arrived, started nibbling on cheese, dips & pate and food dominated the rest of our evening - we were all bursting at the seams by the end of the night and mutually agreed that next time we catch up it's elastic pants for us all (it would be smarter to agree to eat less but that's just not as much fun!)

We took a break from eating to do presents! Sophie & Stuart knowing my tastes so well added to our collection of accessories from Freedom with a tissue box holder (filled with Lindt chocolates) and a box for some of our electrical accessories & cables - thank you so much! Marilyn, Karen & Frankie spoiled me also with lots of lovely chocolate gifts from Max Brenner - Chocolate from the Bald Man and an afternoon pampering session with a pedicure! I can't wait - I've never had a pedicure before, I think it could be a birthday present that costs me in the future!!!

Sophie cooked us a delicious dinner of stuffed peppers & eggplant, the only person who was missing was Kaz Ball, now living in Perth - we called her just as we were putting dinner in the oven, she sounded very jealous at our menu and if we could have we would have magiced her over to us! After dinner we settled down to watch a film - Dreamgirls, Karen & Marilyn got themselves very comfy on Soph & Stu's reclining chairs.

Mid-film we stopped for cake & tea - Sophie has introduced me to Mariage Frères Marco Polo Tea, ever since I last visited her I've been dreaming about the tea and Marilyn has been wondering what all the fuss was about -now she's converted! "Marco Polo Tea for the uneducated is a blend of Chinese and Tibetan flowers and fruit lend it a unique velvety taste. Its extraordinary bouquet makes Marco Polo the most legendary of flavored teas."
What a change for me - to talk more about tea than cake! The girls had organised a delicious flourless chocolate mud cake with a special inscription....

I feel blessed to have such special girlfriends, we had a perfect night so thank you! This could be the end of my birthday but I know that there is one more treat on the way ... from my favourite English cousin Kimbo! So it's guaranteed that there will be one more birthday post to come!


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