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Monday, September 03, 2007

Let's Get Dressed Up - Lidia Is 30!

Marilyn's flatmate and now our friend Lidia had her birthday on the weekend and we decided to make it a great excuse for a girls night out. The party was Wonderland themed so you were to get dressed in anything Fairytale!
Sophie came down from the coast for the weekend and on Friday night we caught up with Mick & Michelle, Karen & Cammy in North Sydney. Saturday Sophie and I had quite a shopping and Sydney agenda set, we walked the Bay at Drummoyne before having a spot of lunch at Birkenhead then onto a new chocolate shop that Soph had found - Belle Fleur in Balmain. The store was amazing, I had to walk out to just walk back in again to be hit with the smell of chocolate. They had a fantastic window display including pieces of art made out of chocolate and gifts for Father's Day all made from chocolate in the shape of spanners, paint tins, paint brushes and other manly tools!

The chocolate was pretty amazing - they put fresh cream inside some and they just melt in your mouth for quite a taste sensation. Our next point of call was Simon Johnson's in Pyrmont where we sampled some cheese and splurged on a few luxuries. Then it was back to Crows Nest as I had a hairdresser appointment and Sophie got some rest in before the party.

The party was celebrating 3 birthdays and the array of costumes was fantastic, we all had a great time as I hope the photos will tell. If only there had been enough light for me to capture Marilyn's bunny hop dance - it was sensational!

Fairy Soph & Angel Kaz

Lidia (one of the 3 Musketeers) and Witchy Mar & Bek

Soph - feeling the love!

Soph & Mar making friends

We all loved the cake - especially me, I had blue icing stain under my fingernails the next morning.

Lidia getting her own back on her trainer Mal!

Soph's wand was all danced out!

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves just dancing, catching up and having lots of laughs. Thanks for coming to Sydney for the weekend Soph it was great to spend time with you, thanks for driving us all to the party Kaz and good luck with your September detox we'll try not to tempt you away from goodness! And Mar thanks for your crazy dancing you entertained us all!

Happy Birthday Lidia - you have set a high standard for celebrations!


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