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Monday, August 13, 2007

A bike ride, a new view and a winter swim

Last Sunday 5/8 in the depths of the Sydney winter we braved the elements for a Sunday bike ride along the northern beaches.
We lathered ourselves in sunscreen (as you do in winter!) and headed out with the bikes on the back of the car and found ourselves at Dee Why
While we didn't set off as early as we would have liked we still had a large part of the day ahead of us, usually it's Chalky who's first to call a break and stop for a sandwich but this time it was me, I was finding all the hills along the sea quite treacherous and needed a break, after only 3km!
Refuelled by a ham sandwich and salt & vinegar crisps we headed on toward Manly. We fought the crowds along the beachfront with all the pressure on me as Chalky's oversized handlebars don't take a bell so I've got to do the ringing for both of us - I nearly came off my bike when my handlebar got caught up with someone's shopping bag but I managed to stay upright.
So after Cabbage Tree Bay we climbed up Darley Road (where nearly a year ago we'd seen Nicole Kidman go by on her way to her wedding). Chalky hadn't been to North Head before and was very impressed with the view (who wouldn't be) so this has now been added to Joan's itinerary for her next holiday!
We stopped to eat the rest of our picnic and rest the legs before returning to Dee Why, we were pleasantly tired and while the day was starting to cool off someone decided to cool off by heading in to the see for a dip - mad englishman!

It was lovely to be out on the bikes again and I'm sure you'll have more posts soon with our riding adventures, hope you enjoyed the video - I've just learnt how to do this so I'll try to add a few more in future.

What a view - well worth the ride!


Anonymous lesley said...

Hi, clever you putting videos on, we went to York today and Isla was walking with reins, took the camera so we could update our blog but battery was dead! Will have to learn how to do videos!
Looks like a lovely ride, especially the weatehr for winter! you have better weather than us in our summer!
As i'm typing this I feel very strange so you never know the next blog update might be your new neice or nephew!
Look forward to reading about Bek and her Maj!

4:32 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a brilliant day. The blue sky looks spectacular, one could get rather envious you know. Nothing happening on the neice or nephew front, in my opinion Lesley is just coming down with a bit of a cold but what do i know. Just going to watch the video now, speak to you soon.

5:55 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That last post really was anonymous, forgot to say it was from Andrew, but you probably knew that anyway

5:58 am  
Anonymous Sandra said...

looks as though you had a lovely time and it certainly doesn't look much like winter as I know it.
Sandra x

6:09 pm  

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