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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Back to the Humdrum (and the Opera House)

The holiday is over and we're back to life as normal, so what have we been doing?

  • Dusting off the golf clubs and having a few rounds at Lane Cove & Cammeray
  • Starting a new job (Bek) and having an RDO in the first week!
  • Being front row centre in the Opera House Concert Hall to see The Whitlams playing with the Sydney Symphony and hob nobbing with the guest performer TORCHER in the Opera Bar afterwards
  • Enjoying lunch in Manly by the Ferry Wharf
  • Considering walking from Paddington to Wollstonecraft after failing to hail a taxi (Chalky)

This is a link to YouTube it's The Whitlams rehearsing before the show:

I'm enjoying my new job, the team will certainly lift me to a new level of management, I have sussed out where I can shower and park my bike so the next step is to ride into work. It was great on Thursday night to meet Chalky after work and head straight to the Opera House for the concert, I also got my first pay packet on Thursday so we tested out one of the restaurants along the Quay.

It's a long weekend here this weekend and we've got a Football end of season dinner on Saturday night so we'll have some party shots to post from that.


Anonymous Garth Graham Oldfield said...

Frankly I find the gloating about your over indulgance and high living quite gut wrenching.

Why don't you get a life, a proper one like what we got.

It's a well known fact that having too much fun can be bad for your relatives and oh boy is it ever.

Starting a Night School course in Digital Photography Wed 26th so migh be able to send some decent photos of ice formations on the inside of bedroom windows and horizontal sleet.

Luv u all. G

8:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto Garth ... As winter rolls in, your blog sends me reaching for the Prozac and dreaming of the two days next year, when we might get a glimspe of something, which you seem to have in abundance (sunshine!). Love the link to the Youtube video. Shane was singing along - must be an oldie! Gaynor x

7:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi hun have just got round to setting myself up a user name so can finally add comments to your blog page so you know that I am keeping up with all your goings on and loving the blogs (but have managed to forget it alreay but then realised it does not matter as I can post comments anonymously doh!) Congrats on new job have just had a good catch up with Sarah on the phone so she been filling me in on the gossip. Sorry for lack of contact have been wanting to write you a letter but never quite getting round to it as so it is going to end up more like a novel. Anyway promise will write soon - love to you both Aly & jollyx

9:41 pm  

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