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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas in December and Bek's December Birthday

We had the Chambers Family Christmas Dinner on Saturday night - the first time we've all got together this year, unfortunately we didn't get to eat all together as Lachlan & Hamish had to go to bed but we managed to be all in the same place at the same time!Before Justin, Lisa, Lachlan and Hamish left we exchanged our Secret Santa gifts - thanks to Hamish and Lachlan for handing out the presents...some Secret Santa shoppers had help thanks to suggestions - how else would Santa know that Chalk was after a digital chess clock? and other Santa's did their own shopping giving some great gifts - thanks to my Secret Santa I can now out gadget Garth with my new digital photo frame - it's awesome and I love it.Mum did her signature Oriental Loin of Pork our traditional Christmas Dinner, mother nature put on a gorgeous sunset, Ben & Kylie set a lovely table and we had a great night.

After dinner Ben, Kylie, Mum, Dad, Chalky & I tried our best at the Good Weekend quiz - 45 questions of which Dad correctly answered the most - I guess that comes with age & experience!

So how is it my birthday in December? Today I officially ended celebrating my birthday by going to see Billy Elliot the musical at the Capitol Theatre - thanks to Chalky. Sarah & I absolutely loved the show, our hands were sore from clapping and we could have stayed and watched it all again - if you get the chance to see the show I highly recommend it (and I'm a pretty good authority on what makes a good musical!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see you all together having a good time and blessed with the weather.

Went shopping this morning with Joaney, what a joy to see her skip around Sainsbury's spending my money. "The years shall not dim them".

Lesley's tomorrow when Les and Andy are banned from the kitchen. Joaney and I will cook up a storm. Love U all G xx

8:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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