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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fantastic Salads

Last night I went for a walk with Trav, Dan & Dan's sister Claudine over near Darlinghurst - Trav set a fairly mean pace and we walked down to Woolloomooloo then back up to the city and back to Darlinghurst. I now understand why he walked at such a pace, we had THE BEST salad Sydney has on offer at Tropicana Caffe website: not to mention the very good potato wedges...

We might even make a Wednesday walk part of our weekly routine, next week we're going to walk and then enjoy the Sydney Noodle Markets - we went there last year with Joan!

Have a good day - it's SO HOT here it was in the 30's yesterday!


Anonymous Garth Graham Oldfield said...

This site seems to have been sadly neglected. Anyone would think you had a new career to concentrate on. Get your act together girl and give us some info !!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:35 am  
Anonymous Garth Graham Oldfield said...

Obviously my motivational skills have not worked, please could we have an update at your earliest convenience. Most grateful

10:31 am  

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