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Thursday, November 08, 2007

We're back - did you miss us?

Sorry for our lack of blogging lately, I've been busy settling into my new job, I flirted with Facebook for a while and we've been doing lots on our weekends, so much so that we've been too worn out to blog.

Do I mention the Rugby World Cup? Or has everyone moved on from that? That took up quite a few weekends, very late nights and a new world record was set for shoe shopping - for those of you who have been through it with me - Chalky shopping for shoes isn't the most fun - he tries loads on, jumps and walks around in the store and then decides that they aren't right. NOT any more - we headed out for what I thought was towel shopping but ended up in a mens shoe shop where the impossible happened - it took a total of about 5 minutes, Chalky had shopped, paid for and we were out the door - new shoes in the bag! And the best part - they're great shoes and we got a voucher to buy another pair within the month so he was right back there a few weeks later to pick up a new pair.
We spent a weekend with Ben & Kylie at Lake Macquarie - Kylie & I headed off to work on the Friday and Chalky & Ben hit the golf club. The weather was a little dodgy so they apparently did the trip from the golf club a few times before they bit the bullet and teed off. They only got 9 holes in and the highlight of the day - the hole with the Kangaroos.

One of our favourite 'cheap and cheerful' spots has re-opened since its refurbishment I think only Les & Andy might have been taken there in 2000 and we felt it was only right that we had a night down there to check it out again. I am talking about Kirribilli RSL - RSL clubs are Australian Institutions they were originally set up as drinking clubs for return servicemen & women and are well known for cheap drinks and food. The Kirribilli Club has prime real estate looking out to the Harbour Bridge and Luna Park. We decided that it only made sense for us to get lifetime memberships since we'll certainly be frequenting there with visitors and it gives us first option on NYE and other harbour events.
So we had a meal there on their first night of service - it wasn't without incident but that's to be expected when things are new, it worked to our advantage - we paid for 2 main meals, had 3 delivered to our table and were also compensated with a free dessert!

Then as you do when it's Sunday morning and glorious blue skies we headed out for breakfast to Cottage Point - Chalky hadn't been there before (neither had I) so we chanced our luck and enjoyed a delicious breakfast in beautiful surroundings. We took the scenic route home and stopped off at a view point in the National Park - Palm beach to your right and the central coast to your left, stunning. That day it was also an open day at most of the sailing clubs so we headed back to Middle Harbour to check it out, we were almost too late so we had a drink at the bar while we decided what to do for the rest of the day when they told us that there would be one more yacht going out that day if we wanted to be on it. So we jumped at the chance. It was a 40ft yacht and it was awesome. We both had a go at steering and at doing various jobs on the ropes to put sails up or take them down.
Above is Balmoral (Bathers is the white building) from our yacht.
So we have been doing all the things you'd expect in Sydney. We've also started a course of Golf Lessons so those of you who play had better watch out next time we're on the course together. Life is fabulous down under - hope you're all well and we'll keep up with more regular blogging again!


Anonymous Lesley said...

Hi Welcome back!
Think I need my eyes testing thought you had bought some weird platform trainers but then realised you had them on a stand or something!
Looks like life is sweet down under, glad you're getting some sailing practice Bek!
Getting set for Christmas here, can't wait!
Love ya Both


8:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course we missed you! It was about time we needed reminding of the sharp contrast between your jet setting sun filled lifestyle and our dark miserable and rainy existance! Only kidding - Christmas is always fantastic in England and but we are savouring every minute, as our next one should hopefully be on a beach on the Central Coast! Gaynor x

9:22 am  

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