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Monday, January 28, 2008

Australia Day - Adele becomes an Aussie

Adele & her Citizen Certificate

Seeing our friends become Aussies could dominate our Australia Day Celebrations for the next few years, last year it was Mick Malone and this year it was Adele's turn, just in time so she can be an Aussie before baby #2 arrives. I can't think of a better way to celebrate than by seeing someone become a citizen of my great country. It will probably be Chalky's turn next year.

After a quick chat with Lesley & Joan we were off to an early start to get to Wahroonga for 9am. There were some official speeches for nearly an hour before the new Citizens took their Oaths and got their certificates. While the speeches were on Ainsley was quite entertaining - we caught her performing a flag dance...

And playing the air (fan) guitar...

Adele taking the Oath (along with 91 others)

As you would expect of anyone taking this step it was a fairly emotional event, let alone being nearly 38 weeks pregnant, Adele did shed a few tears. She was watched closely by Dr Brendan Nelson - Leader of the Opposition and former Health Minister who was concerned that he might have needed to deliver the baby while performing his Official duties on the day.
Dr Nelson congratulates Adele (above)

A brotherly congrats from Crombie (below)

Ainsley & her Nana

After all the formalities we headed back to the Wood House for a celebration. Bacon butties hot off the barbeque (Aussie meets Yorkshire) cooked to perfection by Roy, lots of croissants, fresh fruit and other treats. Of course it was all washed down with some champagne or some beer.

We bought Adele an Aussie wooden chopping board for her to remember her day

And in true Aussie tradition we had a pavlova for sweets! Thanks Bronwyn for the best pav I've ever seen or tasted.
What a pavlova!
Ainsley had made some gingerbreads here she is helping Chalky pick out the biggest

The kids were kept cool and entertained playing in some paddling pools and Ainsley was very entertaining with her goggles and showing off her new swimming confidence. No question which flag Ainsley loves!

Group picture - sans Chalky the cameraman
A still shot of Ainsley swimming and the video is below.

We also managed a trip to Balmoral this weekend to test out our new beach tent.

In the beach tent

Just to make you all jealous, this was our Sunday!

The tent is really easy to put up and provides good protection from the sun and keeps our snacks and drinks cool, it will also extend the time we spend out on the beach since we're well protected from the sun. We bumped into Chalky's mate Mitch and his son Louis who were also swimming, Chalky got Louis using a snorkel and he got to see a few fish. Below are a few shots you won't have seen, Chalky has now got a rashy vest for swimming.

Chalk in his new rashy
Us before taking a dip

Chalks new golf shoes mentioned in a previous post

And this is what greeted us in the kitchen sink Sunday morning!
Don't worry it was dead...but as for poisonous? We don't know! But we're both still alive.

And you know how I like to have the last word, one picture of me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adele looks well tell her having no 2 will be a doddle! Her bump looks massive, you sure theres only one in there!
You're a bit behind the timeswe got a beach tent last year, only difference being we have to use it in the garden as not near a beach! And whats a rashy? speak english girl!! thought he had some nasty disease.
Speak soon, enjoy the sunshine, snow forecasted here at end of week!

7:30 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Australia Day was such a "downer" what with the weather, company, and all !!!!!!!!!!!!

Fortunately we had gale force winds to keep us amused. At least they managed to dry out some of the flood plains.

Scored 40 points on Saturday in howling winds. Starting to believe my golf game is not designed for normal conditions.

G xxxxxxxxxx

10:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another party day...doesn't anyone
work down under ?
Adele looks well, more zoo visits
to do in the future! Seems a long
time since that lovely day out.

I am getting worried now with all
these celebrations, I hope there
will be a few bottles of Champagne
left for my next visit,I do
remember you used to like WATER !!

Joaney x

10:23 am  

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