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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Karen Ball & Boys in Town

Craig, Kaz & Chalk

Craig, Kaz & Bek

What a special Christmas to have our lovely mate Ballenium in Sydney. Karen & I used to work at Sony together back in 2000 - 2001, then we left to goto England. We visited Kaz in Birmingham (her home town) in July 2001 and then next saw her when she visited us in Leeds in 2005 complete with a bump under her jumper that turned out to be Jenson!

L to R: Sophie, Bek, Ballo, Siobhan & Kaz Sales

Now she also has Ashton to complete her family and we got to meet them over the Christmas Break! It's great having the internet, mobile phones and digital cameras because even though Jenson is 2 and Ashton is almost 1 seeing them for the first time was a little strange as you felt as though you knew them already but of course seeing them in person is just the best!

Ashton, Kaz & Jenson

Kaz is a great mum and has 2 very special little boys! We had a night out in Sydney at the Opera Bar and a quick visit to Loretta & Bob's to meet the boys.

L to R: Ballo, Ashton, Soph, Bek & Kaz

Love ya Ballo! xxxxx


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