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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another day wasted in Sydney

North Curl Curl Beach
9.00am Golf Lesson at Ryde Parramatta - sandbunker and putting refresher.
10.00am finalise Chalky's Christmas presents and buy new golf shoes from the pro shop and book 6 private lessons to polish off our golf swings over summer.

12.00pm grocery shop, home to pack a picnic lunch out the door with snorkels, swimmers, towels in hand - we were off to North Curl Curl, apparently a great snorkelling beach.

1.00pm in the water, really clear water, just like the Barrier Reef, some great vegetation but not the best day to spot fish but not the best we've seen in Sydney. Good waves for a body surf though.

Curl Curl

3.00pm it was getting too hot at North Curl Curl so we packed up and headed to Shelly Beach to check out the snorkelling there.
Shelly Beach
4.00pm in the water at Shelly beach to see some unbelievably large and colourful fish - this is the best spot to snorkel so far.
6.00pm pack up from the beach, head home for the night, dinner of lamb salad and a DVD - This is England
8.30pm call Grandad in England, speak briefly to Garth before they head out to ASDA. This is England starts showing - it's set in the North of England in 1983 and the main character was 12. Other than a few television shows and video games flashbacks I am pleased that Chalky who was also 12 in 1983 couldn't draw any other similarities to his life!

What to do tomorrow???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must realy hate the weekends, not knowing what to do, nowhere to go and only work to look forward to on Monday. Fortunately I seem to have contracted a chest infections which makes me unable to work. I can now do what I do best given the fantastic weather,, SLEEP. If sleeping was an Olympic sport then my boy and I would be defending champions.

Roll on your visit G xxx

10:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still enjoying your great blog! My spouse visa goes in this month so fingers crossed! found a great website where people chat and swop advice on moving to and living in Oz. House on market in spring. Counting down to months...
Lots of love
Gaynor and the Gang x

10:36 am  

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