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Monday, June 09, 2008

Football football and more football.

So football is fair well dominating our time at the moment, Chalky trains the girls on a Wednesday and Bek goes to training (with a different manager) Chalky trains on Thursday, we sometimes have make up games on a Friday, Chalky plays on a Saturday and manages his sides on a Sunday whilst Bek is also playing. On top of that Chalky does the announcing in the Oaks on a Saturday afternoon for the 11 men's teams that have played and then on a Sunday for the 4 girls teams and 2 alternating men's fixtures, all in all it's quite a commitment.
The announcing involves giving the results for all the fixtures including the awards for 'Man' and 'Mug' of the day, both have which have to race down a beer against each other. It's good fun especially when you get some funny stories as to the Mugs, ie blokes missing the game to watch Beauty and the Beast on ice!!! Or getting a girls number in a bar then projectile vomiting all over her ( cos we are a class bunch).

All the women's teams are going well but unfortunately the only team in the club to not have won a game is Chalky's over 35's team, to be fair they've not played too bad and have never lost a game by more than 2 goals but just can't get that elusive win. In good news bad news Chalky tells me he was having a fantastic game the other week until he had to come off with a hamstring injury (not for the first time) .
Anyway here's a clip of Chalky doing the awards on s Sunday afternoon when it's a bit quieter than the Saturday awards. What you don't see on this brief clip is that Bek had to drink a schooner for being honourary 'Man' of the day by virtue of being the only player from her team to come back to the pub, to be fair she's being the only player a few times this season but I've been ordered by her not to keep making her race beers down in the middle of the pub.

It has been a lot of hard work the football season so far & I'll be quite glad when it ends not least for the fact that that's the week when we'll be getting on a plane and coming back to England for a month, Chalky's booked from Aug 28th to Sept 23rd but Bek has still to book as she's got staff travel with Qantas courtesy of Ben who's just been promoted to Captain, this means that Bek will pay 1/4 of what I will yet she is now guaranteed Business Class, imagine my delight!!!

We also met some of the Billy Elliot cast recently - here's Bek with Richard who plays Billy's dad in the show, he grew up in Otley and we ended up drinking with him until the early hours of the morning - chatting mostly about Leeds and Leeds United...


Blogger Lesley said...

We're over the football here!
Looks like Chalk goes down a storm in the Oaks!
C'mon Bek lets get some action shots of you at the footy!
Back to work for me tom, officially a working mum!

7:05 am  

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